Monday 25 June 2018

Moth eggs

I appear to have some eggs which have been laid on the side of my trap. Don't know what species - I have a sneaking suspicion it may be the female Ghost Moth that I had yesterday.

Any advice as to what to do with them? Are they best left where they are, or moved to some vegetation? If the latter, what's the best way to move them please???

Photo is very poor, sorry.....


  1. Not Ghost Moth Chris, their eggs are black I believe. I doubt you can remove them without damaging them but if you want to wait until the larvae emerge and then move them to where you had the trap that may give them a chance. Unless you can hazard a guess as to what laid them from what was in the trap the chances of finding the right plant food is minimal...unless someone else can help?


    This website has photos of eggs for most moths. If you look up the species you had in the trap and compare them to the web photos you may have a chance. Good luck

  3. Thanks Ina - I think they are probably Buff Ermine as there was one in the trap this a.m. which looked like she was laying a fresh batch and they look like the one's on the website. There are nettles nearby which I hope should suit them....


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