Sunday 24 June 2018

Night of the golden tortix

I left my little heath trap in mixed woodland in the Rheidol valley last night. Highlights were Lilac Beauty, Double Line and Northern Spinach. Also Satin Lutestring (2) and a second generation Engrailed. But it was really a night for tortrix species, with (abundant) Archips xylosteana (118), Green oak Tortrix (19), Aleimma loeflingiana (6), Hedya nubiferana (2), Pandemis cinnamoneana (1) and Archips podana (1).

Later on, I swung my net around the fields by the sewage works lower down the valley, and generated a new attempt to persuade Ina that there are bactra sp. other than lancealana in the county:
B. furfurana?

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