Thursday 7 June 2018

Moths from the Leri Fields.

A few more moths from the same general area as yesterday's Obscure Wainscot.
Other than those pictured below there were literally thousands of Bactra spp, mainly B.lancealana and various other 'grass moths' including Glyphipterix thrasonella in large numbers and Crambus pascuella. Buff Ermine, Small Square-spot, Broom, Large Y/u, Clouded Bordered Brindle, Common Marbled Carpet and Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet.
Ina and Tony

Depressaria daucella larva on Water Dropwort


Eyed Hawk-moth

Four-dotted Footman

Gold Spot

Mother Shipton

Oblique Carpet

Striped Wainscot

True Lover's Knot


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