Wednesday 28 June 2017

Talybont Garden

Our garden has been pretty poor for mothing lately, whether this is coincidence or not the decline seemed to coincide with the installation of LED street lights.
Last night was good although lots of species we have had at this time of year previously, were missing from the list.
Forty macro species and ten micros were most welcome including three near perfect Swallow-tailed, they soon lose their tails so one can only assume they have recently emerged.
Celypha striana has been very common this year.
I photographed a rather well marked H&D - one among fifty- but the photo does not do it justice. The Shark is a rare visitor to the garden and a Dot Moth just because I like em!
Ina & Tony
Brimstone Moth

Celypha striana

Garden Tiger

Green Arches

Green Silver-lines

Heart & Dart

True Lover's Knot

Dot Moth


Swallow-tailed Moth


  1. Have you seen the dark Swallow-tailed on the Hereford and Worcester blog? Never seen one like that before.

    1. I have now, thanks Peter.
      Somehow not as pretty though is it?


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