Saturday 17 June 2017

Aberystwyth miscellany

New for the garden trap this week was Broken-barred Carpet, and first-for-year Brussels Lace, Wormwood Pug, Ingrailed Clay, Purple Clay, Uncertain, Tawny Shears, Dark Arches, Straw Dot, Brindled Plume, and this one that I'm not sure about ...

I've found the source of my Anania crocealis (two trapped last night) - a neighbour's fleabane is full of holes.

To follow up on Sarah's post, my nearest Burnet moths are also out now, and i would have guessed decreta. All of  the ones I saw today had fused spots, unlike in previous years.


  1. Your mystery moth looks very worn but it might be Small Clouded Brindle if the size is right. These are most frequent around wet grassland with most of our records coming from the Cors Caron area, and a couple of records this year from Rhos Llawr Cwrt.
    Interesting what you say about your 5-spot Burnets, those with the middle 2 spots joined are most probably 5-spot and not Narrow-bordered 5-spot.

    1. Thanks Tony. My first thought was a plain Common Rustic, so the size would fit.

  2. Tony is right. I can mail you a guide to the 2 burnet species if it helps, that myself and Dave Wilton wrote a while back. If you've kept the macro I can do the needful if you like


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