Thursday 29 June 2017

Barrett's MC update

I thought I would post the dissection of Sarah's recent Barrett's Marbled Coronet that she sent to me for confirmation.  It can also now be viewed on the Moth Dissection website.  Just for interest, producing one image started off with me taking 467 images through my compound microscope, creating a file of 1.82GB.  Using focus stacking software I produced 13 focused images from the 467 which where then patched together using Photoshop to create a single image.  This was 21.9MB in size.  The image was cleaned up and the background shade standardised and finally reduced to around 4.5MB for upload onto the Moth Dissection Website. Took just over an hour to produce.  Dissections are not often posted, but they can be really strikingly beautiful in themselves.  Thanks to Sarah for giving me the opportunity to produce this image, which hopefully will help others in the future. Peter Hall


  1. Thank you for posting that Peter.
    It isn't always appreciated how complex producing an image as clear as this can be.
    Many more thanks for your help, it is appreciated here.

  2. Thanks again for all your help, Peter. Such an amazing detailed photo.


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