Tuesday 28 July 2015

Old Lady hit by car

I picked this Old Lady up off the pavement in Aberystwyth, with one of its hindwings in front of the forewing. Presumably hit by a car. We performed a little surgery and released it, but it didn't seem to have much energy (or maybe just calmer now it has its wings in the right order).


  1. I hope you are around when this old lady needs picking up off the pavement! lol
    Must get some sugar on the go I think!

  2. Ian Tillo caught one on Cors Caron last week.

  3. My daughter picked up a dead one from the forecourt of Kwik Fit when we were in Scarborough last Friday. I'd only ever seen one before. The North Riding recorder reports that they are not common on that side of the country either and recommends sugar.


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