Thursday 16 July 2015

The other one

Here's a photo of the other Small Marbled:
It was part of a bumper catch for my garden trap: over 100 moths of 48 species including 15 micros. Other highlights were Scarce Silver-lines, Argyresthia dilectella & albistria, and a probable White-line Dart:

Also a dark Lackey and FFY Short-cloaked moth (2), Small angle shades, Scarce (2), Common and Rosy footman, Oegoconia quadripuncta (4, presumed).



  1. Obviously a fanatastic spot for moths Simon. Your dart is a Crescent dart, probably a female because of its dark colour. It is a coastal species with 22 records in the north of the county and 10 in the south, with none between Cwmtydu and Aberystwyth. I see that Liz had one down at Mwnt recently too.

    Tony & Ina

    1. A more clearly marked Crescent Dart in the trap this morning.


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