Wednesday 1 July 2015

Dunes moths

Now that summer has arrived all of a sudden the moths have come too. Two heath traps at Ynyslas on Monday night produced 60 species with some interesting dunes specialists. Getting to the traps was difficult because of the 100's of Lackey moths everywhere. There were several Shore wainscot, Archer's dart, Heart and club and Lime-speck pug. Most interesting were 2 Shaded pugs, which has rarely been recorded away from Ynyslas, a Sand dart, for which there are two previous records at Ynyslas in 1949 and 1976, a Confused, which was the only the 9th county record. Others included Yellow shell, Riband wave, Mullein wave, Satin wave, Scarce footman, Bordered white, Single-dotted wave and Bordered straw.
Archer's dart


Heart and club

Sand dart

Shaded pug
Tony & Ina


  1. I should have joined you and put out the mv's, what an excellent catch.

  2. If we had bigger traps we would still be counting 'em! After fighting our way through the carpet of Lackey that is! ;-)


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