Friday 24 July 2015

Ypsolopha nemorella and others

Only 35 species last night, including 14 micros. My first Gold Triangle escaped before I could take a photo, but Ypsolopha nemorella almost made up for it:
Ypsolopha nemorella
Also Bryotropha domestica and affinis, Elachista argentella, Phycitodes binaevella, Crocidosema plebejana,and this Swammerdamia sp. (possibly caesiella?):

 Other recent micros include Thistle Ermine and this Tinea sp. which has me stumped:
FWL 6mm


  1. Hi Simon, take care with the Bryotrophas, they are surprisingly tricky. Don't be worried by potting them up for me later. Your Swammerdamia looks most like nebulella, but I always chop these to be sure. As for the Tineid, I'm hoping Ina recognises it, because I don't from the photo. Another one for me later perhaps.

  2. I am happy with B.domestica.
    B.affinis should be do-able by you, but if you still have it that would be good.
    There are a few Swammerdamia sp that may fit the photo, so ?
    And finally Tinea sp. I have not a clue, too many or not enough spots for any I know of. Hope you kept it Simon.

  3. Thanks both. I have kept the Tinea and Swammerdamia for you, but only photos of the Bryotrophas.


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