Monday 1 July 2013

And Two Micros

And on the same night our micro enthusiast identified these two attractive micros.  Verification would be appreciated.
Carolyn & Evan.

Tinea semifulvella [FL10mm]    

Incurvaria masculella [f] FL 6mm


  1. Your Tinea is correct. Your Incurvaria is also probably correct, I can't see if there is a tiny costal spot as your image is from the top and not the side. Try and remember to take 2 images - side shot and top shot. The spots looks creamy rather than whitish, so it may be oehlmanniella.

    1. Thanks for info Peter. Three of us looked at both species & there was no costal spot. This together with the position of the trap & larval foodplant made us go for I.masculella over I.oehlmanniella despite it being a little late in the season.
      Regards, Ina


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