Tuesday 20 October 2015


A better night weather-wise last night brought out a few of the autumn species. 98 moths in the MV Robinson and 82 moths in a small 6w actinic 'bucket'....it was a bit crowded in there!  These are minimum numbers as a few made a quick exit, especially from the bucket as people started to turn up and were interested in the moths.  So honours were about even.
19 macro species and 4 micros including;
15 Epirrita moths most of which seemed to be November and at least one Autumnal - the delay in blogging was caused by examining some of these.
Chestnut, Red-green Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Common Marbled Carpet, Green Carpet - one v worn & one quite fresh, Merveille du Jour, Yellow-line Quaker (24), Green-brindled Crescent, Snout (7), Black Rustic (just 1), Grey Pine Carpet, Satellite, Large Wainscot, Brick, Red-line Quaker, Sallow, Copper Underwing (h/w examined) and Autumn Green Carpet.
Micros; Udea ferrugalis (the only migrant), Notocelia uddmanniana, Acleris sparsana and Acleris rhombana.

Sorry, but when I do the blog you get the micros first!!!  ;-)
Ina & Tony


  1. How did you get on doing the "Novemnals"? Did the freezer method work ok?

  2. I didn't use the freezer this time Peter, I've put things in there before for a short time and remembered 3 hours later! It's an age thing!!
    We tried using the post-median line/dot method first, as in Skinner, on eight moths. That produced 7 dilutata to 1 autumnata whereas the genitalia method was 5:3, some were not very well marked though.
    Yesterday's smile was one of the 'males' I brought back seemed to have laid eggs in the pot!! Made Tony titter. However the eggs must have been from a previous occupant as it was quite definitely a male November. ;-)

  3. My experience with trying to use wing patterning on this group, is that it is not 100% reliable. So your results seem to confirm that one. As per usual you can always keep a select few (or many, the males only take a moment to id). That was a good catch of moths btw.


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