Thursday 8 October 2015

Merveille-du-jour and Flounced chestnut

Two traps in woodland last night, where the temperature fell to only 8 C, gave us 23 macro and 3 micro species. It was exciting to get a Flounced chestnut, which is quite scarce in the county away from Aberporth. Our first Merveille-du-jour of the year (sorry couldn't resist including the photo they are so spectacular) and Dusky thorn. The full set of Pine, Grey pine, and Spruce carpet were present. Most numerous were Yellow line quaker and Red-green carpet. Amongst the others were Pink-barred sallow, Silver Y, Large wainscot, Pinion-streaked snout, Brindled green, Rush veneer, and Acleris rhombana.

Brindled green

Rush veneer & Flounced chestnut

Large wainscot

Tony & Ina

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