Sunday 11 October 2015

Stigmella nylandriella ...

One or two leafmines from the last few days.

Stigmella nylandriella on Rowan, found up Cwm Clettwr. This is a county first but there must be more out there.
Stigmella nylandriella

Stigmella tityrella on Beech.  The mine starts with the egg laid near the midrib.
Stigmella tityrella

Stigmella hemargyrella.  Vacated mine on Beech, the egg is laid away from the midrib.
Stigmella hemargyrella

Other mines/larvae found - Parornix betulae, Phyllonorycter corylii, Phyllonorycter nicellii, Parornix devoniella on Hazel, Cameraria ohridella, and the ubiquitous Stigmella aurella on Bramble and Avens.

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  1. Get lots of practise on leaf mines, you can come and visit here next October...


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