Friday 2 October 2015

Haworth's Minor

While doing water vole surveys in the Tywi Forest on wednesday we stumbled across this moth at approximately SN776606. I'm reliably informed that it's a Haworth's Minor, a new moth for me (thanks to Sam and Steve for id and to Steve for improving my rubbish photo!). We also had larvae of white ermine and light knot grass.


  1. Excellent stuff, Vaughn. Had you found Haworth's Minor (and, for that matter, Light Knot Grass) a few miles to the south in Carmarthenshire, it (they) would have been regarded as an important capture of a rare species. Both are very much under-recorded here. Very well done, indeed. Perhaps you could check the Water Vole population to the south of Llyn Brianne, soon (LOL)?

  2. Great record Vaughn, Haworth's minor was recorded in most years up to 1997, but only 8 records since 2000. Many of the records come from the Rothamsted trap at Tregaron. This may demonstrate a lack of people exploring the boggy uplands keeping an eye out for moths, rather than a lack of moths.
    Light knot grass is another moth of boggy places. Although it is recorded more frequently than Haworth's minor, the vast majority of records are from the same Rothamsted trap, near Cors Caron.


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