Sunday 13 September 2020

First Black Rustics for the Garden

 We are promised a mini heat wave this coming week but with the appearance of the first Black Rustics in the garden, Autumn has quite definitely arrived in Talybont.

Lyonetia clerkella and Stigmella aurella mines are very obvious now too, the former on Cherry and Apple and the latter of course on the Thornless Blackberry that for some reason escaped the attentions of the Blackbirds this year.

Only eleven species graced us with their presence in and around the trap; Dusky Thorn, Brimstone, Silver Y, Lesser and Large Yellow Underwing, Common Marbled Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Square-spot Rustic, Black Rustic and a very worn Setaceous Hebrew Character.  The only micro was Eudonia angustea.  A few photos below.    Ina and Tony

Black Rustic


Common Marbled Carpet

Common Marbled Carpet

Dusky Thorn

Silver Y

Spruce Carpet

Spruce Carpet

Square-spot Rustic

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