Thursday 9 July 2020

Tenuous link to moths

In the course of collecting some goosegrass (Galium aparine), I came across this growth which I think may be the gall of Dasineura aparines. Is the record of any interest?

Gall on Galium aparine
The link with moths? I recently had a Small Elephant Hawk-Moth in my trap, and whilst potted, it (she) obliged with three bright green eggs. I now have three empty egg-shells and two minute larvae (a case of cannibalism, perhaps?) in a container with some fresh goosegrass for food. Not sure whether to try and grow them to adulthood, or to release them when a little larger...

Small Elephant Hawk-moth hatchling


  1. Very interesting to anyone into Diptera, 'midges' are something we seem to ignore as moth-ers and positively avoid if they are the biting kind!
    Here's hoping your little charges make it through to the winter and pupate. I would let them take their chances when they get a little larger but I am not very good at nurturing them. They stand a better chance in the wild than in my care I'm afraid. ;-)

  2. I thought there just might be a dipterist on or reading the blog.

    Grow the caterpillars on a bit and then release was rather my inclination, too. One is looking a bit of a runt, the other looks good so far, but a long way to go!


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