Friday 17 July 2020

Scallop Shell

It's usually the micros that are difficult to photograph, but this Scallop Shell was new for the garden and not at all well behaved.
Scallop Shell
Other highlights of the garden trap on Thursday night were Beautiful Carpet, Dingy Shears, Dusky Brocade (I think), the dark form of Ash-bud Moth, and Tinea semifulvella.
Dusky Brocade ?
Tinea semifulvella

I was also pleased to catch Schreckensteinia festaliella last week (in my net):
Setting a trap in Cwm Rheidol resulted in 49 species (22 micros), including Slender Brindle and Epagoge grotiana, which I've not seen in previous years but this year have found at several sites.
Epagoge grotiana


  1. Hi Simon, I would say your Dusky Brocade although a bit plainer than most, is correct.

  2. Seven records of Schreckensteinia festaliella in the data, six of them in RIS traps. The seventh and now the eighth are yours!


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