Wednesday 29 July 2020

Cloaked Carpet

Not as warm as I would have liked last night, but the trap was out of the wind in woodland in the Rheidol valley last night and attracted c150 moths. The highlight was this cloaked carpet:

Also three Oak hook-tips, Purple thorn, and Buff-tip. Micros included Exotelia dodecella, Phycita roborella and, since the trap was under a larch tree, possibly Spilonota laricana:

Two successful hatchings this week from mines collected from elm and norway maple, respectively Phyllonorycter tristrigella and joannisi:


  1. Great stuff Simon another county first with P.joannisi which should, for that reason, be dissected but as you bred it through I would say it's acceptable. The Spilonota looks classic Bud Moth to me (S.ocellana) and not dark enough to be considered for S.laricana unless you kept it that is?

    1. thanks Ina. I think you're right about the Bud Moth - wishful thinking on my part


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