Thursday 4 June 2020

Two Geometers

Mothing can be addictive, maybe it should carry a health warning!
     We have noticed a lot of interest in moths during these last few weeks of virus lockdown.  I hope just a few will continue to record the moths in their gardens in the future.
It is also a fascinating hobby that can add some valuable information and statistics to the world of nature and particularly insect pollinators.
     At this time of year moth numbers are increasing and on a warm night the numbers can be overwhelming to the beginner.  If this is you please don't give up. In my experience more people give up at the busy time of year than any other, as what looks like a simple identification turns out to be nothing of the sort. You may have more time on your hands but spending half a day trying to see the difference in two moths can be disheartening.
So a quick pointer to two of the most common, larger geometridea. Just look underneath the wing-tip.
Ina and Tony.
Mottled Beauty - Outer edges of h/w wavy & scalloped
F/w length 19-26mm

Willow Beauty (top) has pale square at wing tip.
Mottled Beauty (bottom) uniformly mottled.

Willow Beauty - Two centre f/w crosslines converge at trailing edge
F/w length 17-24mm.

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