Saturday 20 June 2020

A night at Nanteos

Before the rain returns tonight I ran the trap in the woods near Nanteos last night. Good to see Blomer's Rivulet (not just because Aberystwyth gets a mention in Waring and Townsend!), and first for year Grey Arches, Clouded Magpie (2), Peach Blossom, Barred Straw (3), July Highflyer, Muslin Footman, Green Silver Lines, Coxcomb prominent and Small Fan-footed Wave. Probably too cold for many micros, but Pammene regiana and Eudonia delunella (2) were new for me, first for year Agonopterix nervosa, and five Nemophora degeerella was a nice suprise.

Clouded Magpie

Grey Arches

Blomer's Rivulet

Pammene regiana
Eudonia delunella

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  1. Good to know that Blomer's Rivulet is alive and well at Nanteos. The 20 records in the last 3 years are from only 4 sites, 17 of those from one site in Gilfacreda.


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