Monday 25 May 2020

Stranger in the box....Broad barred White

Moaning again about the wind and cold in my tiny enclosed but exposed garden here in Tanygroes, (just above Aberporth) I was surprised to find this one under the rim of the actinic Robinson.  Not that there wasn't room in the trap beside the other 6 moths.

Tony's excellent macro records document (a delight to use, so quick!) shows an interesting pattern for this smart little moth.   Caught in numbers pre 2000 by the Rothampstead death trap at MOD Aberporth there were seemingly enough spared to maintain a colony after the cessation of trapping and one found its way over to my place.  Nationally there has been a 93% decline in abundance.

Apologies for sub standard pic but it was revving up to go!

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