Monday 18 May 2020

Grass Rivulet at Bontgoch

There were 36 species of macros in my 15w actinic this morning. Most pleasing was my first Grass Rivulet, 6 or 7 years after I scattered some seeds of the foodplant, Yellow Rattle in my small south facing field at Bontgoch. The seed came from from a field belonging to John Williams at Werndeg between Bontgoch and Talybont so hopefully this scarce species is established there as well.
Shears, Common Lutestring and an Oligia sp were amongst the catch.
Also, I need to draw attention to a mistake in my last post on 10th May..... what I thought was a Small Seraphim I now realise was a Foxglove Pug! 

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  1. Grass Rivulet has been recorded at a number of sites in Ceredigion but there are only a handful of records in the last 20 years, from Aberporth and Aberystwyth areas.
    Saw the Foxglove Pug photo and assumed you had that as well as Small Seraphim (good argument for captions on photos!)


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