Thursday 7 May 2020

A few more from or Talybont garden

Now, don't get over excited!  Things are looking up here in the garden with one or two new species for the year, no new ones for the garden yet though.  Not quite as good as exploring different habitats as we should be doing this time of year but none the less some welcome old friends are returning.
Also three May Bugs that our resident male Sparrow was most grateful for to feed his growing family. He seeks them out, prefers them to moths thank goodness.
Ina and Tony
Alucita hexadactyla

Brimstone Moth

Flame Shoulder

Heart and Dart - headband

Heart and Dart

Matilella fusca

Muslin Moth - cos I love those feet!

Treble Lines

White Ermine - intact and NOT inside a Robin!

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