Monday 13 August 2018

Talybont Garden

Autumn is on the way!  I know this because lots of our moths were sitting outside the trap...well that's my theory.
Of the twenty macro species the most numerous was, at last, Large Yellow Underwing (19) and Setaceous Hebrew Character (11). The first of the next generation of Heart and Dart was hiding under the windowsill being careful to avoid the resident spider.  Four Pugs, all Double-striped and the rest all singles unless otherwise stated. Orange Swift (First for the garden), Garden Carpet, Brimstone, Antler (4), Lesser Swallow Prominent, Scalloped Hook-tip, Common Carpet, Flame Shoulder, Spectacle, Flounced Rustic (2), L.B-b.Y/u, Rosy Rustic (3), Small Phoenix, Dark Arches, Ruby Tiger, Sallow Kitten (2)
As regards the nine micro species, Epiphyas postvittana has at last returned, 2m, 1f, I was beginning  to think the winter weather had wiped them out! The others - Agriphila tristella, Agriphila straminella, Phycita roborella, Eudonia mercurella, Apotomis betuletana,  Celypha striana, Blastobasis adustella and last but not least one to be confirmed but probably Phycitodes maritima.
Antler Moth

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Orange Swift

Sallow Kitten

Scalloped Hook-tip

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