Wednesday 26 July 2017

Tissue Moth

Yesterday we recorded moths at Werndeg, up the Leri valley from Talybont, as part of a recording day organised by WWBIC, the Local Records Centre. We ran 4 traps around the meadows and woodland which caught 1236 macro moths of 90 different species. Almost 50% of those were Large Yellow Underwings which packed themselves like sardines into the egg boxes. The best of the bunch was a Tissue, only the 8th non-RIS record since 2000.
 Tony & Ina
Tissue at bottom-left



  1. 600 Large Yellow Blunderwings? There must have been a plume of moth scales rising into the night.

    1. 611 to be exact, by not sitting up we missed any plumes! but releasing them all so they could hide from the Robins was a challenge.

  2. Fantastic catch and what a beautiful moth, good work. Hope you can produce another on Sunday!!


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