Wednesday 19 July 2017

Endothenia quadrimaculana

Two County Records for this very large Tortrix;

26 June 1949 - E.C.Pelham-Clinton
26 June 1954 - G.G.E.Scudder

As the recorder I am in good company...but the moth is three weeks late!


  1. Interesting,I catch this moth regularly where I live in Pembs, but I'm not sure than anyone else in Pembs catches it much. I've just noticed that the foodplant is Marsh Woundwort and maybe that explains it - the garden is full of Marsh Woundwort. It grows everywhere, even in dry areas, and spreads by root fragments. I welcome it as the flower is very attractive and pokes up happily between other plants. It is a distinctive moth and can be identified by shape even when worn.


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