Monday 24 July 2017

Garden Tiger

I can't see in Waring, that this is one of the named forms of Garden Tiger. I should have checked the hind wings (but didn't) It's certainly a stunning moth though, and worth an outing on the blog. Are such excursions from the norm quite common, or is this extreme?


  1. David, I caught a very creamy GT on Cors Caron a couple of years ago. Apparently the Victorians bred them to achieve unusual colourations so I wonder if these odd ones we catch are the descendants of some 19C experiments!

  2. Thank you Liz for your response and the subsequent post. I suppose if you consider Dogs, only one species, but the different forms breed true - so why not Garden Tigers?

  3. Paul Parsons caught a lovely pale GT at Merthyr Mawr recently too - see Glamorgan moth blog...


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