Saturday 29 April 2017

Ruddy Highflyers

At last a decent night to go looking for Ruddy Highflyer on Cors Fochno and we were not disappointed, with 17 in and around the trap this morning. Also in the total of 20 species, were: Early tooth-striped, Shoulder stripe, Square spot, Red chestnut, Herald (2), Pale pinion, Red sword-grass, Grey birch (8), Powdered quaker, Common white wave, Small phoenix, Brimstone(2), Pebble hook-tip, Scalloped hazel, Autumn green carpet. The last 6 in the list were all firsts for the year for us. The Autumn green carpet is unusual in that only the females hibernate and re-emerge in the Spring. Of nearly 500 county records there are only 12 for the Spring, hopefully because the females are not so attracted to light rather than failure to survive the winter. Red Liford also reported that he had 1 attracted to a lighted window recently.
Tony & Ina

Autumn green carpet


Scalloped hazel

Small phoenix

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