Saturday 1 April 2017

Dyseriocrania subpurpurella

 Given the shorter nights we decided to put out three traps last night which included our garden and oak woodland.  We were rewarded with 185 moths comprising 23 macro and three micro species.  The micro Dyseriocrania subpurpurella (photographed through glass) was the first we had had for a couple of years.  Others included Early & Purple Thorn, Frosted Green, Lunar Marbled Brown, Brindled Beauty, Early Tooth-striped, Water Carpet & Dark Sword-grass.  The other micros were Emmelina monodactyla & Acleris literana.

Carolyn & Evan

Dyseriocrania subpurpurella (fl 6mm)

Purple Thorn

Frosted Green
Brindled Beauty

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  1. Really good subpurpurella photo and pleased to know the 'little green jobs' are around again. We also want to know where all OUR Brindled Beauties are going - not had one yet!


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