Monday 24 April 2017

Cross Inn, Llanon

Last night I put my trap on inside the house close to a closed window and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of moths had been attracted to it and had settled on either the window or the walls.
New to me were a Streamer, Shoulder Stripe and Dotted Border. The reason I had the lamp indoors was that I had foolishly allowed a battery to totally discharge and somebody told me that the only way to 'repair' it was to charge it while under load.
I'll try again tonight.


  1. I know Dave Wilton (Buckinghamshire) will often run his trap inside his conservatory in the colder months and he says he gets quite a good response to this with moths on the windows.

  2. Phil,
    If possible you should charge your battery with a pulse, or three stage charger, rather than an off the shelf car battery charger. You may not have done your battery too much harm but repeated draining of the battery below 12 volts will rapidly shorten its life.


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