Friday 15 April 2016

D. (or E.) subpurpurella

My garden trap (just) reached double figures for this first time this year: 5 Common, 1 Small and 1 Powdered Quaker, Hebrew Character, Chestnut, Common Marbled Carpet (early?), LBAM and this Dyseriocrania (or Eriocrania) Subpurpurella:

The house was also blessed with a Brown House Moth, Mompha divisella and Agonopterix heracliana today, and a melanic Apple Leaf Miner on Tuesday.



  1. This is the earliest county record for Common marbled carpet. Previous earliest was one that you recorded on 21/04/2014. Common marbled carpet is one of quite a few macro moths which has had a taxonomic name change in the latest British checklist. It is now Dysstroma truncata and no longer Chloroclysta truncata. Fortunately all vernacular names are unchanged so confusion should be minimal. Contact us if you would like a list of changes or a new Excel entry spreadsheet based on vernacular names with up to date taxonomic names.

    1. And you also had subpurpurella on the 21/4/2014...

  2. I'm very keen to photograph the bits of Mompha divisella, if you don't mind keeping it (them) for me please? It's caused much discussion within the Yahoo Dissection Group


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