Tuesday 5 April 2016

Back in the Woods!

We have had little opportunity to trap in our local oak woodland this winter because of  low  night-time temperatures draining the batteries.  We now have a new 8 watt actinic bucket trap to overcome this problem and put it out last night for the first time.  The minimum temperature on this occasion was 6.5°C.  We were rewarded with 61 moths of 13 macro species and one micro - Diurnea fagella.  Small Quaker and Chestnut ran into double figures.  Particularly attractive was this Frosted Green and an Early Grey with a delicate pinkish flush as described in Waring.

We were interested to find out at what time the moths were flying and so set a trap camera to record throughout the night.  The attached photo with a moth in flight was taken at 03:53 hrs.  Numerous other moths were recorded earlier in the night.

Carolyn & Evan

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