Tuesday 27 January 2015

Pale brindled beauty

For our first trapping session of 2015 we took our new 6W actinic trap to the oak woodland at Ynys-hir (we should have also had a 15W actinic but someone took the wrong battery!). Anyway we recorded 19 moths of 6 species (4 macro and 2 micro). They were Winter moth x3, Pale brindled beauty, Chestnut x7, Dotted border, Tortricodes alternella x5, Acleris ferrugana/notana x2. One ferrugana/notana refused to be potted but the other will be further investigated.

Pale brindled beauty

Tortricodes alternella
Tony & Ina


  1. Was your 6 watt trap a blacklight - ie one that is hard to spot - or a "normal" actinic?

  2. Not blacklight Evan.
    And it wasn't me that put the wrong battery in the bag!! lol
    The Acleris I brought home should be A.ferrugana as it was in 'Oak' woodland, we will see.


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