Friday 23 January 2015

Another micro tip - Metzneria lappella.

Metzneria lappella.
If you find any dried heads of burdock, collect and leave them outside bringing them in in May, when you may have a number of M.lappella emerge.
To confirm their presence before this, break open a seed-head. The seeds should normally separate easily. If a few stick together, as in the photo here, they are almost certainly tenanted with lappella larvae. Separate the seeds and you will see proof of this in the form of silk, frass and maybe the larva itself, although the larva may be resting inside one of the seeds, as was the case with the seeds shown.

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  1. I've tried this a few times in Glamorgan without success - but must try again. Metzneria metzneriella in Knapweed heads, on the other hand, has proved really easy.

    Good luck!


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