Sunday 16 March 2014

First orange underwing

First of the year seen flying around young birch near the carpark at Coed Dolgoed.

Coed Dolgoed at Pontrhydfendigaid is a Community woodland which Ian Tillotson and I are going to trap regularly this year as part of an overall wildlife survey.  I'll post my trap dates on here with details of when I'll be opening the traps but this will necessarily be at very short notice.  Its a lovely woodland with a lot of good birds to listen to whilst there at dawn and dusk.
The first trap was Thurs and Fri nights last week which unfortunately coincided with bright moons and low temps so not many moths but pleased to catch a Brindled Beauty; I took it along to Ian for comparison with those in his reference collection so I could be sure of the differences with Pale BB.
I get delivery of an 18amp battery tomorrow so will be trapping next week in a more promising bit of the wood as so far I've used a big leisure battery which was a lump to drag up the track and limited where I could put it.

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