Friday 23 August 2013

Mynachdy'r Graig - Numbers

As promised, the stats for 5 traps on NT property at Monk's Cave 22nd Aug'13.

A total of 209 moths identified, though one or two more either escaped or were beyond guesswork, these were made up of 40 macro species and 5 micros. 

The trap on the top of the ridge may well have produced more micros, but there was just the one intrepid Iron Prominent on the outside hanging on for all it was worth.  As Liz said one of her traps was blown over, so the count could well have been higher.

Most numerous in order;
Flounced Rustic 25
Large Y.U.  &  Antler  21 each
Sallow 19
Flame Shoulder  11
Hedge Rustic 9

Other species of interest;
Orange Swift - Quote from A.P.Fowles "The 2 year development period of the larvae is reflected by the biennial appearance of this moth, very few specimens observed in even numbered years."
Six Oblique Carpet in the lower of the traps near wet pasture.
Two Devon Carpet an Nb species centred on mid Wales.

In the micros we had Cydia ulicetana, not surprisingly as it is a Gorse feeder.

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