Saturday 25 May 2024

Bwlch Corog, Glas Pwll. Friday 18th May.

 Hi all,

I am new to posting on this blog. I reside in Montgomeryshire and normally post on the Montgomeryshire Moth Group blog.

However, I have recently been recording moths on behalf of Coetir Anian/Cambrian Wildwood, a landscape re-wilding project, in the far NNE of Ceredigion. It is a degraded upland moorland/peat bog fringed with Sessile/Pendunculate woodland and conifer forest.

For interest I thought it worth putting some photos from the latest survey on here, that being Friday 18th May.

Personal highlights were:

Orange Footman. PMcGregor

Eulia ministrana. PMcGregor

Epinotia tedella. PMcGregor

Epinotia immundana. PMcGregor

Emperor Moth. PMcGregor

Carpatolechia proximella (a personal first). PMcGregor

Capua vulgana. PMcGregor

50 Macro and 7 Micro species in total.

Phil McGregor.

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