Friday 20 May 2022

Aberystwyth garden

A rather meagre haul last night - 24 moths of 19 species - was improved by a Bordered Straw. Less notable FFYs included Elephant Hawk Moth, Knot Grass and White-spotted Pug, and it was good to see Tawny-barred Angle in the garden trap.

Bordered Straw

I've had up to two Tachystola acroxantha in the trap recently (but not last night) and Alder and Marbled Coronet last weekend.

My micro-seeking perambulations elsewhere have been moderately successful: Dichrorampha plumbagana at Tanybwlch, Phyllonorycter geniculella near Bow Street, and Epinotia subocellana at Cross Inn.

E. subocellana

P. geniculella

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