Thursday 15 July 2021

Llangeitho: Bilberry Pug

 Last night I set my trap in the wood, close to a large patch of Bilberry, so was very pleased to have one Bilberry Pug resting on the outside of the trap this morning.

Bilberry Pug

There was also a very fresh-looking July Highflyer, with striking reddish cross-bands. For contrast here also is a greenish July Highflyer that hatched a few days ago (from larva collected inadvertently when sweeping in the wood).

July Highflyer

July Highflyer

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  1. This is a new site for Bilberry Pug, although it was recorded once before in this 10km square, in the RIS trap at Tregaron. This is only the seventh Ceredigion record for this species. Simon's record (previous post) makes that 8.


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