Wednesday 21 April 2021

Rhos Glendenys/ Nebo/ Cross Inn 20 April

Amongst last night's moths were 14 Brindled Beauty - don't remember getting that many before....


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  2. I had 8 Brindled Beauties in my trap the night before, which was more than I had seen together in the past. As far as I could see they were all males. I looked for a female thinking that that might be what had attracted them, but didn't find one.
    Last night the number had dropped to 4, again all males.

  3. David - aren't the feamles wingless? Do they come to light, or do I need to search round near the trap to find them?

  4. Brindled Beauty is reported to have declined nationally by >70% in the last 50 years but here in Ceredigion its numbers have shown an amazing increase in recent years (see the graph in the macro moths document). In SN56, where Chris is trapping, there have been 31 records, the earliest in 2016, and 16 in 2020. Chris did record 4 individuals on 21st April last year so 14 is definitely his best catch!


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