Wednesday 25 March 2020

Talybont Garden or (making the most of covid19).

Eleven macro and one micro species last night.  We have more or less ignored the garden so far this year as on the odd occasion we have put the trap out all it has done is contribute to the climate change being empty!
However last night we had;
Small Quaker 10, Common Quaker 9, March Moth 1, Brindled Pug 1, Double-striped Pug 5, Early Grey 1, Hebrew Character 3, Clouded Drab 2, Oak Beauty 1, Chestnut 2, Grey Shoulder-knot 1 and Emmalina monodactyla (Common Plume) 2.
Colder weather on the way for the weekend so make the most of the good weather, get some vitamin D and ultra violet rays in the garden if you can.
I am not naming the photos this time, all the names are above so call it a small quiz if you need something to pass the time. Hint; there are more than one photo of some species.
Ina and Tony


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