Wednesday 25 March 2020

Bontgoch last night

Good nights trapping in my garden last night. 14 spp of macros and 1 micro. Interesting comparison with Tony and Ina's catch in Talybont with: 7 Oak Beauty; 12 Hebrew Char: 10 Common Quaker; 13 Clouded drab; 21 Small quaker; 7 Red Chestnut; 4 Chestnut; 2 Double-striped pug; 2 Common Plume; 2 Early Grey and 1 each Early Tooth-striped, Herald, Satellite, Twin-spot Quaker and Mottled Grey. The latter looking very like the f. nubilata. 1-0 Bontgoch I reckon!

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  1. OK 1 to you. Mottled Grey f. nubilata is said to occur from the midlands northwards and this one doesn't look quite dark enough (but I have never seen one!)


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