Thursday 24 October 2019

Wallog in October

Took three traps to Wallog last night but unfortunately one failed to light up for some reason.
Total number of moths from 2 actinic traps was 39 of 12 species.
Black rustic 5, Feathered Ranunculus 13, Yellow-line Quaker 6, Lunar Underwing 4, Green-brindled Crescent 1, Common Marbled Carpet 1, Spruce Carpet 3, Red-green Carpet 1, Red-line Quaker 1, Sqare-spot Rustic 2.
Micros Acleis laterana/comariana and Eudonia angustea.
Ina and Tony

Very worn Common Marbled Carpet

Feathered Ranunculus - (with his feathers on display)

Lunar Underwing - not co-operating at showing the crescent moon

Lunar Underwing - light

Lunar Underwing - dark

Lunar Underwing - dark with small ovals

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