Wednesday 9 October 2019

Some more migrant moths

So far this year we have been seeing more migrants than normal for Ceredigion. Most recent report is of a Pearly Underwing, caught by Pete Skinner at Llanarth. This is the 70th county record for this species, of which 9 were in 2006 a warm summer much like this year.

An earlier post reported a Scarce Bordered Straw at Cross Inn, a second was caught by Sue & Terry at Bryngwynn. There are only 22 records for this species before this year.

Even more amazing is another record of Clifden Nonpareil caught at Sarnau. This follows closely the first ever county record a few weeks ago. What do the say about London buses!
Tony & Ina


  1. The Clifden Nonpareil is spreading ever faster I think. Across the border here in Hereford, our first ever records were last year and now we are up to 8 possibly 9 records. Even I've caught one. Talking to Dave Wilton from Bucks, they are up to around 15-20 (hard to get it correct until all the records come in) since it re-appeared there in 2003 after a 150 year absence, so it looks like we are catching up out this way.

  2. The strange thing in Glamorgan we had the 1st Welsh record in 2017 and haven't had any records since! There have been quite a few in Gwent over the last two years.


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