Wednesday 25 September 2019


I expected more moths on a not too cold night with light rain.
The bats were flying and as I have told many people, "Warm drizzle is good for mothing".  Maybe I should add "usually" in the middle of there somewhere!
22 species of adult moths and Buff-tip larva.  Pink-barred Sallow and Light Emerald were the most numerous macros.  The 4 species of micro that hung around long enough to be ID'd were Acleris laterana/comariana, Archips podana, Acleris rhombana and Ypsolopha ustella.
Ina and Tony

Acleis rhombana

Angle Shades

Black Rustic

Brindled Green

Frosted Orange

Large Wainscot - Male (L) & Female (R)

Light Emerald

Red-green Carpet

Riband Wave

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