Sunday 7 July 2019

Llawr-cwrt moths

The moth group event at Llawr-cwrt saw over 400 moths with 76 macro species and about 25 micros (some still to be identified). The hoped-for V-moth did not put in an appearance. Some of the more photogenic moths are shown below. Thanks to everyone who came along and to David for hosting the event and his daughter for making us cups of tea and delicious scones with cream and jam.
Tony and Ina
Eyed Hawk-moth (photo Chris Wood)

Pebble Prominent (photo Chris Wood)

Beautiful Golden Y (photo Chris Wood)

Map-winged Swift

Green Arches

Plain Golden Y

Sharp-angled Peacock

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  1. The scones were a surprise and a definite highlight, especially with cream.
    The moths were quite good as well...


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