Wednesday 24 July 2019

Barred Carpet

Monday night/Tuesday morning we recorded moths at Melindwr Farm near Eglwys Fach, as part of a WWBIC recording day. We had hundreds of moths resulting in 123 species, 92 macros and 31 micros. What a delight to catch a Barred Carpet, which may be a first for Ceredigion. There are no records in the county database, but Waring and Townsend says it was discovered in Cardiganshire in the 1980's. If anyone knows about this old record, please get in touch.
Tony & Ina
Barred Carpet

Northern Eggar

Grass Emerald

Small Seraphim

Six-striped Rustic

Double Kidney

Devon Carpet

Silky Wainscot
The larvae of the Silky Wainscot are unusual because they are omnivorous, feeding on living or dead invertebrates as well as Common Reed.

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