Friday 11 August 2017

Small Argent and Sable

Presumably a second generation moth along the forestry track above Tyn Y Graig (Mynydd bach forest).  Its quite high, 371m at the trig point, where the track goes just below it and has edge vegetation of heather, bilberry, tormentil and bedstraws.
Its ironic that the gaps in the forestry now present glimpses of the habitat which would have been on the hills before the sheep plague; at the time we all thought afforestation was the end of the world.  I can't envisage what unexpectedly beneficial side effects there might be to the creation of vast sheep lawns.
 Pic below is of 'improved' grassland above Soar Y Mynydd where I saw 1x Sm A&S in early June on a remnant patch of bedstraw along the track to Tyn Cornel. You can't see the huge amount of subsidised fencing which now nets this moorland.


  1. It looks quite fresh so almost certainly a second generation. Of the 57 county records for Small Argent and Sable this is only the 4th later than the middle of July. The others were on 30th July, 4th and 13th August.

  2. Thanks for your comment Tony. The book says 2nd gen in south west
    but south now moving north!


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