Friday 24 March 2017

Orange Underwing

We spotted at least 6 Orange Underwing this afternoon, walking up the coast path from the lay-by just north of Tre'r-Ddol. There is a lot of Silver birch there and a few Willows. The moths were seen feeding at Willow flowers. The next few afternoons are forecast to be nice and sunny, which is ideal for seeing these spring moths.

Tony & Ina


  1. Thanks for the heads-up Tony. I'll be out this afternoon with an increasingly sore neck.

    1. Hope your neck has survived Peter, we went round Cors Fochno looking for them this afternoon and saw between 1 and 5 but don't know how many individuals. They were flying from birches to a flowering willow.

  2. Saw 4 or 5 at the usual place south of willow arch on Cors Caron late this afternoon. They were not performing as per textbook so no pics as they didn't come down. Just flying around the top twiggery as individuals though there is still a large sallow there.


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